Christ Church Cathedral

Meet Our Clergy and Staff

Cathedral Clergy

The Very Rev. Gail E. Greenwell, Dean, 513.842.2050, EMAIL
The Rev. Canon Manoj M. Zacharia, Sub-Dean, 513.842.2054, EMAIL
The Rev. Canon Sherilyn Pearce, Canon Pastor, 513.842.2082, EMAIL
The Rev. Canon Robert R. “Rob” Rhodes, Canon Missioner, 513.842.2057, EMAIL
The Rev. Marshall Wiseman, Cathedral Deacon, EMAIL

Cathedral Worship & Music

Dr. Stephan Casurella, Canon Precentor and Director of Music, 513.842.2065, EMAIL
Mr. Shiloh Roby, Associate Director of Music, 513.842.2066, EMAIL
Mr. Christopher Wheeler, Associate Musician for Children and Youth, 513.842.2200, EMAIL

Cathedral Education

Ms. Hannah Teetor, Director of Children’s Formation and Family Ministries, EMAIL
Mr. Dan Carlson, Director of Youth Ministry 513.262.9222, EMAIL
Rabbi Daniel Bogard, Cathedral Rabbi in Residence 513.685.0552, EMAIL

Cathedral Center for Spirituality

The Rev. Douglas Argue, Deacon, Spiritual Director, EMAIL
The Rev. Joyce Keeshin, Spiritual Director,  513.260.7473, EMAIL
Ms. Liz Tassone, Spiritual Director, EMAIL

Cathedral Stewardship and Development

The Rev. Canon George A. Hill III, Canon for Stewardship and Development, EMAIL

Wedding Coordination

Mr. Dan LaKamp EMAIL

Cathedral Administration

Mr. Mark Priest, Cathedral Administrator, 513.842.2056, EMAIL
Ms. Kathy Noe, Executive Assistant to the Dean, 513.842.2051, EMAIL
Ms. Judy Hering, Bookkeeper, 513.842.2058, EMAIL
Ms. Crystal Jones, Receptionist/Staff Secretary, 513.842.2063, EMAIL

Cathedral Operations

Mr. Mark Reed, Director of Facilities, 513.842.2060, EMAIL

Cathedral Communications

Ms. Sarah Hartwig, Director of Communications, 513.842.2052, EMAIL
Ms. Barbara Lyghtel Rohrer, Communications Consultant, 513.528.2290, EMAIL