Christ Church Cathedral

Our Committees, Guilds and Other Ministry Groups

We have an active congregation with many committees, guilds and other ministry groups carrying out the mission of our church. This includes both our outreach efforts, as well as the care and nurturing we give to ourselves as a congregation.


5000 Club: Michael BootesMark Mahoney & Bill Myers
Acolyte Guild: Jerry Stein (acoloyte master) & Michael Porada (scheduling)
Altar Guild: Chris Carey
Anchor Society: Matt Dunn
Boar’s Head Committee: Bob Beiring
Buildings & Grounds Committee: Matthew Shad
Camping & Youth Opportunities Committee: Mark Mahoney
Christian Formation Committee: Stacey Sands (programming) & Paula Rose (logistics)
Christmas on the River Ministry: John Mendez
Community Issues Forums: Ed Burdell & Bill Woods
Docents: Dennis Harrell
Flower Guild: Isaiah Hyman
Foyer Groups
: Julie Kline
Hospitality Guild: Yvonne Schrotel Murphy & Jane Thompson & Constance Sanders (membership information)
Interfaith Hospitality Network: Elizabeth Brown
Library Committee
: Nancye Phillips
Membership Committee: Cyndi Smith and Holly Pratt
Music Committee
: Harold Byers
Native American Ministry: John Grate
Outreach Committee: Olden Warren
Outreach Grants Subcommittee: Don Lane
Outreach Assistance: Pat Coyle
Personnel & Human Relations Committee: Rosemary Weghorst
Planned Giving Committee: Matt Dunn
Plumb Line Ministry: Toni Grate
Prayer Chain Ministry: Louise Mandell
Resource Stewardship Committee: Kathy Mank
Social Justice Committee: Bill Woods
Taft Committee: Dianne Ebbs
Ushering Ministry: Phil Hagner
Youth Committee
: Dan Carlson