Christ Church Cathedral

Exodus Convocation

Enjoy a day of discovering, dreaming and discernment –– all offered in conjunction with the diocesan “big read” of the Book of Exodus. Learn to leave behind what holds you back and journey toward where God is calling you. Join your fellow Episcopalians across the diocese at the Exodus Convocation, Saturday, September 16, from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM at the Procter Camp & Conference Center. There is no charge, but registration is required.

Exodus and Journey

We will read and meet to discuss the Book of Exodus on Sundays immediately following the ten o’clock worship service throughout the coming year. 


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View the syllabus of suggested supplemental readings for each of our Exodus forums, as well as additional texts.


Cincinnati Community Intergroup Seder

Sponsored by the American Jewish Committee
Thursday, March 22, 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM
Mayerson Jewish Community Center
8485 Ridge Road, Amberley Village
For information, contact AJC at 513.621.4020

Exodus in Our Time


An Introduction 

As a church and as a culture, we are at a time when the questions that the Book of Exodus raises are pertinent. What does it mean to be a stranger in a strange land? What does it mean to leave behind all the things we thought we knew? What does it mean to see our communities change?


To carefully consider these questions and the intricate issues that they bring to the fore, we at Christ Church Cathedral will be joining in the comprehensive, seven-month diocesan wide “big read” of the Book of Exodus. We will engage in this study in an effort to open ourselves up, as our Bishop Tom Breidenthal says, “to our essential mission of following Jesus into our neighborhoods.”


We will begin Sunday, August 27, when both the readings and preaching will focus on Exodus and our first adult forum on Exodus kicks off. Our study will conclude on Saturday, April 7, when Old Testament scholar Terence Fretheim will guide us in reflecting on what we have learned.    


The bishop decided to lead us in the reading of Exodus after asking a team of clergy and lay people to consider formation opportunities across the diocese. The consensus of this team was to engage members across the diocese in scripture more deeply through a “big read.” The team choose the Book of Exodus because its themes are so timely.


Teachers will include, along with our residential clergy staff, Rabbi Abie Ingber, Rabbi Daniel Bogard, the Rev. Susan Lehman, the Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, and the Rev. Anna Olson.


For more information about these Christian Formation offerings , contact the Rev. Canon Manoj M. Zacharia, Sub-Dean, at 513.842.2054.