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Faithful Dissent: Loving our way into a brighter tomorrow

In this time of divisiveness and fear, we’re pleased to offer some encouragement –– a free class for you: Faithful Dissent: Loving Our Way into a Brighter Tomorrow.


The class will be taught by retired pastor Ed Bacon and ethicist Stanley Hauerwas. Before retiring as rector, Bacon led his congregation at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California, in taking political action on many issues. Hauerwas, an American theologian and ethicist, formerly served as the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School and now serves as chair of theological ethics at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.


“We live in increasingly divisive times,” says Bacon, “As Christ’s reconcilers in the world, we are called to act in ways that bring Christ’s love for the marginalized into the public sphere.”


This contrasts with ethicist Stanley Hauerwas’ who says dissent is primarily a stance Christians take in opposition to the world. “Christ calls us to be witnesses,” he says, “this is how the world knows it’s the world.”


You can register for the course right now, but it will not be available to take until Monday, September 11. It will remain open and free through Monday, September 2. That means you can take it for free anytime, 24/7, during that time period. If you register today we’ll send you an email to remind you.


This course is free thanks to the generosity of The Episcopal Church, Forward Movement, Duke Divinity School, FORMA, and ChurchNext.