Christ Church Cathedral

Gallery South

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Platte River Sunset by Constance Sanders


In the spring of 2014, a small band of cathedral members took on the task of improving the south hall of the cathedral facility to serve as a primary exhibition space. They then established a regular schedule of art shows. Hence, Gallery South was born.


Since then, Gallery South has featured exhibits covering a wide range of subjects and media. More than 100 local artists have participated – including several with strong national reputations. The opening reception for each show regularly brings in scores of visitors.


Gallery South firmly establishes the cathedral as a valued and unique presence in the region’s fine arts scene.


For more information, contact Mike Phillips.




September 10 to September 30: Five Media, Five Minds (tentative). A small, invitation-only group show of one artist exemplifying excellence in each medium: oils, watercolor, pastels, acrylics and drawing.


October 6 to  November 24: Contemporary Native American Art. Presented in partnership with the cathedral’s Native American Ministry.


December 8 to January 2, 2018: The Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival. Featuring contributions from the local visual arts communities.