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Holy Communion and contemplative prayer time.

The Cathedral Center for Spirituality

LunchX: Ideas Worth Sharing

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Presented by Troy Bronsink of The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action
Wednesdays, September 14, 21, 28.
Walk right in. No reservations necessary.


Hive LogoRoot yourself in a yes that comes from your true self. Listen in a way that open doors. Learn how to move your team from ego systems to ecosystems.


This series is presented by The Cathedral Center for Spirituality in partnership with The Hive. This series is built as one whole program, but you can still benefit from an individual session if unable to attend all three.


September 14 | Where Does Your Yes Come From?
How do we keep our wheels out of the two ruts of “more out of less” and “looking busy”? It begins by growing more mindful about our commitments and compulsions. Learn skillful habits to uncouple your “yes-ing” from your ego’s fears or attachments, while opting, instead, for workflows rooted in the True Self. Learn how the particular practice of noticing your thoughts, feelings, and senses can help you develop a new way of thinking.


September 21 | Listening that Opens Doors
Tired of watching conversations shut down? Awareness practices can enable us to observe voices of judgement, criticism and fear, while making space for alternatives. Apply insights from design thinking and organizational behavior to move past “downloading” old reactive approaches into “learning from the emerging future.” Learn how a meditation technique of “objectless awareness” as an inside-out practice makes space to better listen to others and one’s own intuition.


September 28 | The Butterfly Effect
Sustain your business by adding a “mindful ROI” to your products and services. If taming the fears and egos in your office can enrich your team’s quality, it can also ripple into investor, client and customer relationships. Hear how MIT is moving organizations from “ego systems” to “ecosystems” that collaborate to build community-sustainable initiatives. Learn a contemplative practice that deepens the personal capacity for empathy.



Troy Bronsink

Troy Bronsink

Troy Bronsink is founder of The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action, a social enterprise whose mission is to deepen contemplative practices that translate into creative, engaged life and work. Through his work with The Hive, Bronsink has partnered in Cincinnati with TEDx Innovation Alley, Creative Mornings, 99U Local, Xavier University’s Center for Faith and Justice, Design Impact, City Silence, Presbytery of Cincinnati, and Interact for Health, as well as with Austin’s SXSW Music Festival and Albuquerque’s Center for Action and Contemplation.