Christ Church Cathedral

The Cathedral Center for Spirituality

The 12:10 Series

Walk right in. No reservations necessary.


Often the notion of a “lunch hour” during the work week contains little food or time. Many of us plug into a podcast at our desks, wolf down packaged meals, and call it good enough.


Christ Church Cathedral offers an alternative: the 12:10 Series.


The 12:10 Series presents programs on most weekdays ranging from yoga to live music to prayer to presentations with local leaders.


Like the name, the 12:10 Series starts at 10 minutes after the noon hour. Reservations are not needed. 


So think of us when the clock strikes twelve. Unplug from your desk. And for 50 minutes, recharge your batteries through conversation, movement, music, or prayer.


Enjoy a real break in your day. Join us at 12:10!


Mondays: Stretch@Lunch

Tuesdays: Music Live@Lunch

Wednesdays: Liturgy@Lunch

Thursdays: Lunch Issues

Fridays: Liturgy@Lunch