Christ Church Cathedral


Youth Service Projects & Pilgrimages

Every year, the cathedral sponsors service projects and pilgrimages for youth to actively engage with other communities in respectful and beneficial ways that serve others and deepen faith.


The service project trips of recent years have taken place at Mountain T.O.P. in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee. Youth work alongside the families in the mountain community they have come to serve by painting houses, building stairways, clearing brush, and other similar tasks. The youth become part of a decades-old community of neighbors helping neighbors in the Cumberland plateau.  Cathedral service project trips are rooted in what Millard Fuller once called the “theology of the hammer”:  faith expressed through acts of service.


The focus of our youth pilgrimage trips is on building relationships with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, exploring different facets of our own faith tradition as it is understood and practiced by others, and traveling as Christians who wish to learn from other communities. In 2017, the cathedral youth are making a pilgrimage to Navajoland, where they will spend much of their time engaged in various creative projects with Navajo youth. Youth pilgrimages sponsored by the cathedral are a time for youth to learn, to see their faith in a new light, and to expand their spiritual frame of reference –– the reasons pilgrims across the centuries have journeyed to sacred places.


Youth Mission Trips


Navajoland: July 15-22


To learn about youth service projects and pilgrimages, contact Dan Carlson