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2018 Annual Congregational Meeting and Annual Election

Christ Church Cathedral
2018 Annual Meeting Election Results

Recorded by: Lisa Lemen, Secretary of Vestry


The Annual Meeting held on February 11, 2018, met quorum.
The following two amendments to the Code of Regulations of Episcopal Society of Christ Church were approved by greater than a three-fourths vote in accordance with Article XII: Amendment. The amendments were effective immediately.


(1) Article IV: Wardens and Vestry
The Vestry shall consist of two Wardens, a Senior Warden and a Junior Warden, and thirteen other members, all who are baptized members of the Cathedral and entitled to vote in accordance with Article III above, who are elected by plurality vote by no fewer than one-third of all ballots cast in any round of voting at the annual meeting of the members of the Cathedral.


(2) Article III Section 2: Absentee Ballots
An absentee ballot will be counted in the first round of voting only.


A total of 152 ballots were received (electronic, paper and absentee) for one round of voting.


The following officers and delegates were elected:


Senior Warden: Don Lane
Junior Warden: Julie Kline
Trustee of the Endowment Fund: Janna Uber McWilliams
Vestry Members: Mary Grover, Clark Handy, Jean Lauterbach
Delegates to the 2018 Diocesan Convention: Blake Racer, Paula Rose
Alternate Delegates to the 2018 Diocesan Convention: Sarah-Theresa Y. Murakami, Mary Lynn Woebkenberg
2018 Nominating Committee: Michael Bootes, Michelle Foster, Mark Sackett, Olden Warren


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