Christ Church Cathedral

2018 Lenten Series

Our 2018 Lenten series, “From Bondage to Liberation,” will be led by Bishop Thomas E. Breidenthal and the Rev. Karl Stevens and Rabbi Daniel Bogard at Christ Church Cathedral on Wednesday evenings of February 21 and 28, and March 7, 14, and 21. 


Bishop Breidenthal and the other presenters will explore the ambiguities and tensions embedded in the exodus narrative and how these play out in Christian faith and practice. The first session will reflect on two ways in which the tradition has responded to the wilderness wandering: on the one hand, praying that it will never happen again, and, on the other hand, looking back on it with nostalgia as a time when the Israelites were especially close to God. The second session will look at the interplay between freedom and non-freedom in this story, as it plays out in the Gospel accounts about Jesus and in Acts’ portrayal of Paul, as well as in differing approaches to infant baptism. The third session will explore potential abuses of the exodus story for self-serving or violent purposes, particularly as these seek legitimation in the Israelites’ conquest of the Canaanites, whose land was the land promised to the Israelites by God. How are we to make sense of that episode, and how can we preserve the exodus as a story about salvation and grace? In the last session the previous sessions will be revisited in light of the church’s understanding of the Eucharistic as a Passover (and therefore Exodus) meal.


We will begin with each evening in the series with Evening Prayer at 6:05 PM, followed by dinner together at 6:30 PM, and learning together at 7:00 PM. The evening will conclude with Compline at 8:05 PM.


Livestreaming: The cathedral, in conjunction with the bishop’s staff, is pleased to offer the series to the entire diocese via livestream. Multiple churches have signed on to be partner-viewing sites for the series, to make this Lenten learning opportunity available for anyone who does not already have a Lenten program in place at their church. Other congregations also are welcome to sign on as partner sites, or individuals may wish to host small groups in their homes. More information can be found here.


If you follow the discussion via the livestream, you can text your questions directly to the presenters. Just text dsolent to 33222 to sign up! Questions will be taken in the order they are received until time is up. We will do our best to get to all questions sent.