Next Century Vision Report

Next Century Vision Committee Members

The Rev. Mary Carson
Dianne Ebbs (Co-chair)
Garrett Gerard
Mary Grover
Clark Handy
Rabbi Abie Ingber
Jack Jose
Tom Kent (Co-chair)
Mary Carol Melton
Bailey Miller
Ro Morsby
Ethan Nichols
Derek Peebles
Roxanne Qualls
Judith Robinson
Olden Warren
Clergy: The Rev. Canon Paul B. Williams
Consultant: The Rev. Libby Berman

Our Next Steps: A Review


Conversations on Our Next Century Vision

The Recommended Affordable Housing Equity Fund


In 2020, our vestry approved a plan as developed by the Next Century Vision (NCV) steering team. Now that we as a cathedral community are beginning to safely gather again, the vestry would like to take the opportunity to revisit the tenants of the approved NCV plan. A review of the NCV plan is scheduled  May 16, followed by meetings on the “Our Work Outside the Cathedral” tenant with its focus on an affordable housing equity fund. Read more details.


Sunday, May 16: Next Century Vision Plan Overview
11:15 AM: In-person meeting at Christ Church Cathedral 
2:00 PM: Zoom meeting

Sunday, May 23: “Our Work Outside the Cathedral,” Affordable Housing Equity Fund (AHEF)
11:15 AM: In-person meeting at Christ Church Cathedral
2:00 PM: Zoom meeting

Tuesday, May 25: “Our Work Outside the Cathedral,” Affordable Housing Equity Fund (AHEF)
7:00 PM: Zoom meeting



Affordable Housing Equity Fund Report

Background on Cincinnati Development Fund/Greater Cincinnati Foundation Affordable Housing, March 17, 2021.

Cincinnati Development Fund Quarterly Financial Report, December 31, 2020.


Let’s Talk About Our Next Century Vision

The Next Century Vision is an effort from the cathedral to identify ways that the Church can continue to grow and serve those within and outside of our walls.

A steering team for this initiative was seated in April of 2019. Since then, the team has identified objectives and milestones that has helped to inform the process for imagining the cathedral’s next century.

Throughout the fall of 2019, the steering team scheduled a series of  “listening sessions” to offer a space where our whole community (both inside and outside of our cathedral walls) could gather and share its hopes and dreams for what the cathedral’s future might look like. The questions asked: Is there a program you deeply love and would like to see supported in the future? Is there a segment of our population that you feel is underserved? Are there ways you feel that Christ Church Cathedral can continue to serve as a resource in the city of Cincinnati and beyond? The bottom line: The steering team sought to learn what those who live in our city and who are part of our diocese yearn for and aspire to, then pray about ways to go forward, and make our plans for the next decade.

The Next Century Vision team respectfully presented its findings during three Town Hall meetings, after a year of listening sessions with over 253 individuals associated with Christ Church Cathedral, the diocese, or resident in our community.

Here is an overview of their process:

  • 24 Listening Sessions and individual responses over a four-month period
  • The process took one year and involved over 25 people as team members and listening session facilitators, and an outside consultant from the Episcopal Church Foundation

The final recommendations following these sessions fell into five areas:

  1. “Our People”
  2. “Our Spirituality”
  3. “Our Diocese”
  4. “Our City”
  5. “Our Work Outside the Cathedral”

Resources: First Virtual Town Hall, October 25, 2020

Resources: Second Virtual Town Hall, November 1, 2020

Resources: Third Virtual Town Hall, November 8, 2020