Our annual meeting is a time for us to come together as a congregation to reflect on the past year as we plan for the future. During the meeting we hold elections for our cathedral leadership for the coming year.

At the annual meeting on February 20, 2022, we will be electing a senior and junior warden for one-year terms, five vestry members for three-year terms, an endowment trustee for a five-year term, two diocesan convention delegates and two alternates for a one-year term, and two nominating committee members for two-year terms. You may read more about the duties here.

Along with the election of our new leaders, we will be voting on one revision to the cathedral’s Code of Regulations. The revisions pertain to Section IV.8 regarding the age range and voting status of the vestry’s youth representative. Currently, the age range specified for the youth representative and the ability to vote do not align. The proposed changes correct this discrepancy. 



The congregation will be asked to approve the revision to Section IV.8. The stricken text below denotes language to be deleted, and will be updated to the text which is in red.

Section IV.8:  A member of any existing youth ministry shall be appointed by the Vestry as an ex-officio member to attend and participate in meetings of the Vestry with voice but not vote for a one-year term. The Vestry shall make such appointment at its first regular meeting following the Annual Meeting. In order to be eligible for this appointment, such Youth Member shall be between the ages of 13 and 18 at the time of appointment and shall commit to attending at least four of the regular meetings of the Vestry during the year of appointment. Such appointee shall meet the requirements of a voting member under Article III, Section 1 of these Regulations.