Camps at Christ Church Cathedral that look to nurture the faith & artistic development of children.

Each summer at Christ Church Cathedral, the halls echo even more loudly than usual with the laughter and joyful sounds of children as we welcome them to our summer camps. With a focus on art and music, these camps are for geared to help children grow, learn, make friends, and have fun! Read on below and find the right camp(s) for your child.



June 13 – June 17;
June 20 – June 24
9 AM- 3 PM
Ages 7-12


We are so excited to be able to welcome kids to two weeks of art camp this year! Children can enroll in one week or both. While the overall program theme will be the same, the accompanying activities will differ.

Art camp this year will feature a collaborative and imaginative project where the children work together to create a 3D model city and society together. They will explore and refine their creative processes through storytelling, Cd modeling and up-cycling materials as they imagine and build the future we want to see for our world. In addition to the large visionary group project, our art camps will also include drawing, painting, and plenty of other creative activities.

August 1-5*
9 AM – 3 PM
Ages 8-14

This year’s theme: Laudate Dominum: Let Everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Music camp is for everyone- for those with prior musical experience or none at all!  This year’s camp will be tactile, hands on, and creative. It will include personal voice lessons, group Ukulele lessons, song writing, music theory, practical application, music technology, improvisation, and singing. All of it will be rooted in spiritual practice, related to our faith, and how we can impact the world through our art.

*This camp was originally scheduled from June 20 – June 24.

Our Camp Instructors

Additional Summer Camp Opportunities


In addition, if you and your family are looking for an opportunity to enjoy a camp experience together, check out Family Camp at the Procter Center.

And, finally, each year, our outreach ministry supports a Summer Camp Reading at the cathedral to help students reading below grade level improve.  The program is coordinated by cathedral members Dianne Ebbs, Noel Julnes-Dehner and Joe Dehner. You may also purchase books and leave them at the cathedral for use in Summer Camp Reading. See a list of wanted titles here.