Meet Our Clergy and Staff

Cathedral Clergy

The Very Rev. Owen C. Thompson, Dean, 513.842.2064
The Rev. Canon Paul B. Williams, Sub-Dean, 513.842.2054
The Rev. Canon Dr. George Hill, Canon for Development, 513.842.2059
The Rev. Canon William Scrivener, Canon for Pastoral Care
The Rev. Stacey Sands, Deacon-in-Residence


The Very Rev. James R. Leo 1993- 1998 (REQUIESCAT IN PACE – 2011)
The Very Rev. James A. Diamond 1999 – 2010 (REQUIESCAT IN PACE – 2011)
The Very Rev. Gail E. Greenwell 2013- 2020
The Very Rev. Owen C. Thompson 2021 – Incumbent


Honorary Canons
The Rev. Canon John E. Lawrence 1993
The Rev. Canon Wilson H. Willard Jr. 1993
The Rev. Canon Gordon S. Price 1997 (REQUIESCAT IN PACE – 2012)
The Rev. Canon Anne W. Robbins 1997 (REQUIESCAT IN PACE – 2022)
The Rev. Canon Lorentho R. Wooden 1998
The Rev. Canon George A. Hill III 2001
The Rev. Canon James A. Hanisian 2005
The Rev. Canon William E. Scrivener 2005
The Rev. Canon Robert D. Gerhard 2010 (REQUIESCAT IN PACE – 2010)
The Rev. Canon Compton Allyn 2013 (REQUIESCAT IN PACE – 2013)
The Rev. Canon Scott A. Gunn 2014
The Rev. Canon Jason E. Leo 2016
The Rev. Canon E. Jane Gerdsen 2018
The Rev. Canon Noel S. Julnes-Dehner 2018
The Rev. Canon Sallie S. Schisler 2018
Canon Jon B. Boss 2020
The Rt. Rev. Canon Kenneth L. Price Jr. 2021
The Rev. Canon Edwin Edward Albert 2022

Cathedral Worship & Music

Dr. Stephan Casurella, Canon Precentor and Director of Music, 513.842.2065
Shiloh Roby, Associate Director of Music, 513.842.2066
Brianna Kelly, Artistic Director of Fresh Expressions
Stella O’Neill, Organ Scholar
Douglas Bruestle, Music Administrator

Cathedral Education

Brooklin Taylor, Director of Emerging Church
Melissa Vath, Youth Engagement Coordinator, 513.842.2052
Megan Suttman, Director of Family Engagement
Shephard Ellis, Nursery School Teacher
Polly Wilson, Nursery School Teacher

Cathedral Center for Spirituality

The Rev. Joyce Keeshin, Spiritual Director, 513.260.7473
Liz Tassone, Spiritual Director

Cathedral Operations

Carine de Lange, Operations Executive, 513.842.2056
Andrea Owens, Administrative Assistant, 513.842.2055
Jean Beck, Controller, 513.842.2057
Judy Hering, Bookkeeper, 513.842.2058
Kathy Noe, Executive Assistant to the Dean, 513.842.2051
Kristen Reyes-Tarsiuk, Chief Communications Officer, 513.842.2080
Sarah Hartwig
, Director of Communications, 513.842.2053
Matt Hornsby, Director of Facilities, 513.842.2060
Crystal Jones, Receptionist (Mondays – Thursdays) / Staff Secretary, 513.621.1817
Margo Nelms, Receptionist (part-time, weekends),  513.621.1817
Sandy Porada, Receptionist (part-time, Fridays), 513.621.1817

Wedding Coordination