The Anchor Society

We enjoy an inheritance at Christ Church Cathedral from the generations of worshippers who have knelt before our altar and prayed as we have prayed. We can continue that legacy so our worship traditions and ministries will be there for those who will come after us by making provision for our church in our wills or estate plans. We can become members of The Anchor Society. 


Under the guidance of a planned giving committee, the cathedral established The Anchor Society as a way to honor those members of the congregation who make a planned gift to the cathedral’s endowment fund. 


What better gift could we give ourselves than to know that we have provided for the orderly disposition of the things we have been given in life? What better way for us to show that our church has really mattered to us in our lives? What better blessing than to know that we leave a legacy for those who come after us
 –– a legacy of worship and ministry at Christ Church Cathedral?


Learn more about planned giving below.  To learn how you can become a member of The Anchor Society of Christ Church Cathedral, contact Matt Dunn.


What is planned giving?

A planned gift is the donation of an asset at a future date through one’s will or estate plan. Planned giving is a form of stewardship that provides you with new approaches for managing your resources during your lifetime while providing others with a legacy through your estate. It is a way for you to make a contribution beyond your own life span.


What are the most common forms of planned gifts?

† A bequest provides for loved ones, the cathedral and others through a provision in your will. It could be a specific asset, a dollar amount or a percentage of the estate.

† Life Insurance allows you to make a large gift at a small cost by designating the cathedral as the beneficiary of a policy.

† An individual retirement account (IRA) enables you to realize tax savings on these assets by simply designating the cathedral as the beneficiary.

† A charitable remainder trust allows you to receive an income for life while making a major gift to the cathedral.

† A charitable lead trust allows you to give income to the cathedral for a period of years but have the assets later returned to heirs.


May I remember a loved one in my bequest?

You may make any donation or bequest in memory of a loved one.