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Foyer Groups


Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups are small groups of members and friends of the cathedral congregation are a wonderful way to become better acquainted. Members of Foyer Groups find their time together enlightening and enriching, as they establish new friendships while deepening existing ones.


Each group has 8 to 12 adults who meet for a simple meal and fellowship. Meetings are usually monthly, but can be held at other times as a group decides. Some groups like to build their get-togethers around discussion topics; others are purely social.


A Foyer Group meeting lasts about two hours and is often held at the home of one of the members or at another chosen location. Any adult is welcome to join these groups. Being able to host a meeting at one’s home is not a requirement for joining a Foyer Group.


Last year at the cathedral, approximately 65 members were a part of a Foyer Group, enjoying 10 to 12 social gatherings through the year. If you haven’t been to a Foyer Group meeting before and are interested in learning more, contact coordinator Julie Kline.


Foyer Groups are a fun and simple way for cathedral members and friends, who otherwise may not have a chance to interact, to enjoy each other’s company. They  gather regularly, and informally, to enjoy good company, to strengthen the bonds of community, to meet members new and old, and to share a common bond in Christian love. Foyer Group members develop new friendships and deepen old ones, all the while making the cathedral feel as it it were an intimate community.


The groups are formed every January and meet throughout the year. If meeting a the home of one of the members, the host typically provides the main course, while others fill in the rest of the meal with an appetizer, bread, salad, side dish, and dessert.  Other groups have enjoyed gathering for a picnic lunch or even meet at a local restaurant.  Along with possible discussions, some groups incorporate an evening devotional into the gathering. The choices of available options and locations are limited only by the collective imagination of the group.


The groups are put together randomly and are made up of the beautiful diversity of the cathedral: singles and couples, young and old, gay and straight.


In 1967, the staff of England’s Coventry Cathedral, where the ministry of reconciliation called the Community of the Cross of Nails was founded, began meeting in small informal groups as a means “to bridge the divisions that subtly separate us one from another.” As a result of the meetings, the staff members noticed a power bond forming and came up with the name Foyer Group.


The English work foyer is derived from foier, the French term for hearth side, instilling an image of warmth and comfort. For untold generations, it has been customary for people to welcome old friends, family members, and newcomers into their homes by gathering at the hearth side to celebrate special occasions and to enjoy times of fellowship and camaraderie. In tune with the time-honored tradition of hospitality, the Anglican community has for many years encouraged the formation of small informal gatherings called Foyer Groups.


The cathedral annually kicks-off its yearly organization of Foyer Groups with a luncheon in January. However people can join Foyer Groups at anytime during the year.  Foyer Groups are especially great for newcomers to the cathedral.