Bible Study

Today’s Bible Readings
Sundays, 9 a.m.
Contact C.K. Wang for more information.


Men’s Bible Study
Thursdays, 8 a.m., Library
Contact Steve Gerdsen for more information.


Women’s Bible Study:
Thursdays, noon, Library, September through May: Resumes September 6, 2018
Contact The Rev. Susan C. Lehman for more information.

The Bible Challenge

The Bible is our primary source for the development and cultivation of our faith. It is from the Bible that our corpus of tradition and liturgy have evolved. As Anglicans, we read scripture through the lens of reason and tradition.


At the beginning of our bicentennial year in May of 2017, we offered a challenge. The challenge was to read the entire Bible in one year. In order to aid in this, we recommended using The Bible Challenge edited by Marek Zabriskie. We gathered on the first Saturdays of the month to unpack our readings together. On Sunday, October 21, we will celebrate the nine of us who have met this challenge! Questions? Contact Canon Manoj Zacharia.