Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

Commemorative Rookwood Tile

The world famous Rookwood Pottery has accepted a commission to produce an exclusive tile commemorating the Bicentennial Anniversary of Christ Church Cathedral. The tile will be 6 inches square and will feature a dimensional exterior scene of the Cathedral. This view is based on the line drawing by Caroline Williams. The elegant scene will be richly depicted in cream and purple with black accents.  All proceeds will directly benefit Cincinnati Scholar House.


Contact Connie Sanders for more information.

Our Bicentennial

1817 – 2017

With great excitement and joy, Christ Church Cathedral is celebrating its bicentennial. The occasion is being marked by a series of events spanning from mid May 2017 through mid May 2018.


The vision for the bicentennial celebration is to honor our heritage by lifting up with gratitude the faithfulness and generosity of those whose contributions of the past 200 years have brought us to where we are today — a vibrant, urban church. This vision is to create momentum around our gifts and legacy for the life of our church, both on the local as well as the global level, for the next 100 years, the first steps of which are outlined in our Third Century Vision. As we move forward with the Third Century Vision initiatives, a 3CV renovations committee was charged to lead and manage the projects.


Within this vision, we remain committed 1) to worshiping with spirit and meaning with the support of diverse and uplifting music; 2) to caring for our neighbors in need whether they be down the block, across the region, or around the world; and 3) to providing a warm community of faith open to all.


Eight themes have emerged from our cathedral history that reflect both our values and our heritage: celebration, worship, congregation, community, education, service, and arts. These themes served as touchstones as we developed our celebratory plans.


Read our history and the stories that tell how we came to be who we are.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our committee members listed below.


Bicentennial Planning Committee Members

Chuck Harris, co-chair
Suzann Parker Leist, co-chair
Dianne Ebbs
Mary Grover
Dan Lakamp
Claire Mello
Dennis Harrell
Kathy Jose
Matthew Dunn
Shiloh Roby
Charles Graves IV
Dean Gail Greenwell, ex officio
Sammie Bubel, consultant
Tom Kent, consultant
Cheryl Eagleson, public relations consultant