Boar’s Head Directors

The Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival Directors

Hundreds of individuals have given their time, their talent – even their heirlooms – to the Christ Church Cathedral Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival over these many years. The spirit of their contributions gives this event a richness and meaning that lives in each performance. While we are unable to list them all here, but in our thoughts and in our prayers we give them our deepest thanks.


Boar’s Head Directors

The Rev. Nelson Burroughs: 1940-1948
The Rev. Sidney Case McCammon: 1949
The Rev. Harold Chase: 1950
The Rev. William B. Key: 1951-1952
The Rev. Morris Arnold: 1953-1971
Mr. Lloyd Pritchard*: 1953-1957
Mr. Herbert Shaffer*: 1958-1962
Mr. Miner Raymond*: 1968-1973
Mr. Michael Hatfield*: 1968-1973
Ms. Lenore Hatfield *: 1968-1973
Mr. Michael Detroy: 1974-1975
Mr. George Snider: 1976
Ms. June Coldiron: 1977-1978
Mr. Robert Beiring: 1979-Present
Ms. Anne Jaroszewicz*: 2016



Boar’s Head Music Directors

Parvin Titus: 1940-1962
Gerre Hancock: 1962-1971
Searle Wright: 1972-1975
Henry Lowe: 1975-1984
Ernest Hoffman: 1984-2005
Charles Hogan: 2006-2008
Stephan Casurella: 2009-present