Cathedral in the Park

Cathedral in the Park is our annual summer outdoor worship experience held in Mt. Echo Park. For three Sundays during the summer, we hold a service of Holy Communion at the park shelter house, and then we enjoy a picnic together. This year the services will be held on June 23, July 28, and August 25. We begin at 10:00 AM. (Please note this service is in addition the 10:00 AM service of Holy Communion held at the cathedral each Sunday.)  Come dressed casually. If you wish, you may bring a side dish or dessert to the picnic –– we will provide the sandwiches and drinks.


This year, our worship leader will be the Rev. Dr. Suzanne E. Watson, and the theme will be Songs of the Summer. Each Sunday we will be looking at different psalms and how the common emotions we all experience –– and God’s reaction to these emotions –– are expressed within these sacred texts.  See the series description that follows.



The Bible is full of emotions. This myriad is best highlighted in the rich and artistically beautiful book of Psalms. This three-week series explores different emotional themes found in the Psalms and how they relate to our lives today.  Specifically, we are focusing on the themes of joy, sadness, and God’s forgiveness.


Sunday, June 23
Text: Psalms 33; 150 Topic: Joy, Rejoicing, Praise, Goodness
Message: God is the source of our joy. Let us express it!


Sunday, July 28
Text: Psalm 88  Topic: Sadness, Longing, Mourning, Refuge
Message: To experience sadness is a human; God is our refuge in times of sadness.


Sunday, August 25
Text: Psalm 51 Topic: Repentance, Humility, Contrition
Message: When we come to God with a contrite heart we will be forgiven.


Download a flyer with the complete schedule. For more information, contact Judy Beiring.



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