Centennial Chapel

Centennial Chapel Project


The renovation of Centennial Chapel was designed to maintain the beauty of the chapel, while improving accessibility and functionality. The renovation included the installation of a new organ, an enhanced space for choir rehearsal, and the construction of a public outdoor garden space. The renovated space was rededicated on Sunday, May 20, 2018. Read The Voice, a Window to the Soul by Harold Byers, which explains how even after an organ is installed there is still work to be done. Learn about the Centennial Chapel project and read additional articles by Harold Byers below. 


About the Organ: C.B. Fisk, Opus 148

In August of 2014, thanks to a generous anonymous donation, Christ Church Cathedral commissioned C. B. Fisk, Inc. to design, build, and install a new organ for Centennial Chapel as part of the chapel renovation project. The 2-manual, 22-stop mechanical-action instrument, inspired by historic Italian organ-building principles, will complement the chapel’s intimate neo-Gothic style with warm, gentle voicing.


See the organ’s specifications.


Read a series by Harold Byers, chair of the cathedral music committee, about the new organ – “Genesis of the New Chapel Organ, C.B. Fisk Op. 148”; “The Monster Never Breathes”; “Unique Times Three”; “A Formless Void”; “A Gentle Whisper”; and “Instilling the Breathe of Life.”


Hear a recording of Opus 148.


Watch videos of Opus 148.


Watch the dedicatory recital and read about the inaugural festival.


About the Builder

C.B. Fisk, Inc. is one of the most respected builders in the world, with installations in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and twenty-nine of the United States. The outstanding quality of the company’s work is matched by creative imagination and a fascination with historic organs from many national traditions. The builders’ organs range from some of the largest cathedral and concert-hall installations to small practice instruments.


More information about C.B. Fisk, Inc. and their organ installations. Visit their Facebook page.


Learn about the building of an organ in To Hear the Music, a documentary about founder Charles Fisk.


3CV Centennial Chapel Committee Members

Gail Greenwell, Dean
Ed Burdell, Building & Grounds Committee          
Stephen Casurella, Precentor and Director of Music
Charles Graves, City Planner/City of Cincinnati        
Sarah Hartwig , Director of Communications                        
Kathy Mank, Vestry Member
Danyale Marshall,  Cathedral Member 
Jane Page-Steiner, Past Senior Warden                   
Mark Reed, Director of Facilities
David Robinson, Diocese of Southern Ohio
Michael Unger, Music Committee Member


Phillip Markwood , Architect
HGC Construction, General Contractors


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