The Cathedral Center for Spirituality

A place of learning and spiritual respite in the heart of the city


Since 1817, Christ Church Cathedral has provided needed ministries to its neighbors. What once was a cluster of tenements and single-family dwellings, downtown Cincinnati is now the heart of the business community — even with its returning residential base. With the establishment of the Cathedral Center for Spirituality, the cathedral, as it has since its founding, continues to meet the needs of those who live and work nearby.


Offering spiritual direction, education programs, and retreats to help those interested in better understanding and responding to the presence of God in their lives, the Cathedral Center for Spirituality is designed to serve as a fundamental resource to guide individuals on their spiritual journeys. It is a place where mindfulness, centeredness, and holistic living is promoted and taught.


“The aim of the Cathedral Center for Spirituality is to promote spiritual wholeness within individuals so that a person can be holistically present to others and the world at large,” says the Rev. Canon Manoj Zacharia, sub-dean of Christ Church Cathedral who spearheaded the development of the center.


The Cathedral Center for Spirituality also offers spiritual direction by appointment.


For more information about the center or spiritual direction, contact Canon Manoj Zacharia.


Pastoral care is available upon request.  Contact Canon Sherilyn Pearce for more information.