New Time!

New Place!

Beginning September 22


Children’s Formation returns this fall on Sunday, September 22, and will begin at a new time and place, to better serve our entire cathedral community!


We asked, and families answered! What we heard back from our community is that there is a desire to both spend time with their children in worship, and to also connect more with our larger cathedral community across services. This new time will create a bridge between families from both the 10 am and The Noon Service, to foster greater connection across our entire cathedral family.

Our Children’s Program

We are very excited to announce that Children’s Formation is beginning at 11:15 AM (formerly 9:45 AM) on the third floor in Room 302. The third floor will now be the hub for all of our formation offerings – Children, Youth, & Adult Formation. Read more below.


Our children’s program serves kids in preschool through sixth grade (ages 3- 12). Our new meeting time will allow families to sit together during 10:00 AM worship, and at communion time, the children will be called up first, after which time Hannah Teetor, our director of Children’s Ministries, will escort the children up to Room 302 for Telling God’s Stories. At the conclusion of the program at noon, families can reconnect with their children in Room 302, or they will be escorted down to the NOON Service, for those families who expressed an interest in having their children join them at that time.


The curriculum, Telling God’s Stories, is a children’s program that inspires curiosity and wonder in kids by exploring their faith through the telling of Bible stories.


With children meeting from 11:15 AM, parents can attend our regularly scheduled adult forums on the same floor, or enjoy fellowship at coffee hour in the undercroft. This time change means that there are new ways to engage with one another as the Body of Christ, while allowing parents to partake of learning opportunities, or to enjoy a more relaxed social time at coffee hour.


We are looking forward to welcoming your child at this new time and place!


If you are interested in learning more, or registering your child for Telling God’s Stories, please email Hannah Teetor. Drop-ins are always welcome to attend.


Meet Our Director of Children and Family Ministry:

Hannah Teetor


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