Code of Regulations Change PASSED

Code of Regulations Change PASSED

The Vestry of Christ Church Cathedral recommends that you vote yes to changes to the Cathedral Code of Regulations as indicated here.

The Vestry proposes these changes for the following reasons:

  1. To comply with national standards of the Episcopal Church of the USA, the Code of Regulations has been aligned with the use of gender-neutral language. This applies to Article IV, Sections 2, 5, 6 and 8.


  1. For consistency regarding term limits newly instituted with the last changes to the Code of Regulations (February 2018) specific to Article IX (Vestry vacancy), Article IV, Section 7 has been aligned with previous changes in Article IX.


  1. Article VI (Officers of the Vestry) has been revised to clarify the source of candidates for Treasurer and Secretary. The proposed changes refine that candidates for Treasurer of the Cathedral are from members of the Cathedral (often interpreted incorrectly to be restricted to Vestry members). Candidates for Secretary remain restricted to members of the Vestry. There is no change in content, rather in syntax as Article VI repeatedly confused readers.


  1. The congregation approved changes in Article IX in February 2018. Practically enacting these changes creates confusion in interpretation of this Article’s process. The solution is to clarify Article IX. As previously established, Vestry members vote for proposed candidates to fill vacancies, not the congregation. The elected member temporarily fills the vacancy until the Cathedral’s Annual Meeting. Thereafter, the previous language was ambiguous. Proposed changes provide the congregation with the power to elect a candidate to fill the remainder of the vacated position. Further, proposed changes clarify this temporarily elected Vestry member can make a choice to seek election for a) the remainder of the vacated term (1-2 years), or b) a full 3-year term. The term limit for Vestry service remains 6 years. This Article IX revision explains these choices, and it promotes the desired staggered rotations of Vestry members to avoid a circumstance of substantial Vestry turnover.


Overall, these proposed changes improve clarity, align the Cathedral Regulations with national Church’s language, and promote choice for the congregation and temporarily elected Vestry members.

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