Committees and Guilds

Our Committees, Guilds and Other Ministry Groups

We have an active congregation with many committees, guilds and other ministry groups carrying out the mission of our church. This includes both our outreach efforts, as well as the care and nurturing we give to ourselves as a congregation.


Acolyte Guild: Jerry Stein (acoloyte master)
Altar Guild:
Paul Williams
Cathedral in the Park: Judy Beiring
Chalice Bearers: Paul Williams
Flower Guild: Susan Pace
Flower Guild Wedding Coordinator: Susan Pace
Flower Guild Funeral Coordinator: Priscilla Dunn
Flower Guild Donor Coordinator: Mary Hagner
Flower Guild Scheduler: Chris Christensen
Intercessors: Stephan Casurella
Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Paul Williams
Lay Lectors & Ministers: Stephan Casurella
Lay Readers: Stephan Casurella
Noon Service: Brooklin Taylor
Thurifers: Shiloh Roby
Ushers & Greeters: Paula Rose
Verger Guild: Cheryl Eagleson

Cathedral Center for Spirituality: Paul Williams
Christian Formation Committee: Paul Williams
Education for Ministry:
Paul Williams
Library Committee: Paul Williams / Librarian:  Zach Neiheisel
Men’s Bible Study: Steve Gerdsen
Taft Committee: Dianne Ebbs
Women’s Bible Study: Paul Williams
Sunday Bible Study: C.K. Wang

Art Camp: Paul Williams
Boar’s Head CommitteeBob Beiring & Anne Jaroszewicz  
Cathedral Choirs: Stephan Casurella
Cathedral Choir of Children and Youth: Christopher Wheeler
Choir Camp: Stephan Casurella
Gallery South: Mike Phillips
Music CommitteeDrew Abbott
Music Live at Lunch: Shiloh Roby
Recitals and Concerts: Stephan Casurella

Camping & Youth Opportunities Committee: Mark Mahoney & Kim Montgomery
5000 Club: Michael Bootes & Mark Mahoney
Community Issues Forums: Ed Burdell & Bill Woods
Docents: Dennis Harrell
Economics of Compassion: Steve Lemen
Interfaith Hospitality Network: Elizabeth Brown
Kids4Peace: Judy Chamberlain
Native American Ministry: John Grate & David Thomson (Navajoland)
Outreach Committee: Olden Warren
Outreach Grants Committee: Mary Grover
Outreach Assistance/Volunteer Friends: Olden Warren
Plumb Line Ministry: Jack Jose

Prayer Chain Ministry: Pat Haug
Hearts and Hands Prayer Shawl Ministry: Berta Lerch
Seasonal Flowers/Homebound: Paul Williams
Invite/Welcome/Connect: Paul Williams
Pastoral Visits: Paul Williams
Transportation Ministry: Paul Williams
Cathedral Cycle of Prayer: Carl Rhodes

Foyer Groups: Paula Rose
Hospitality Guild: Paul Williams
Parish Archives: Dennis Harrell
Parish Picnic: Paul Williams

Planned Giving/Anchor Society: Matt Dunn
Annual Appeal: Kyle Vath & Mary Hagner
Budget & Finance: Quinton Jefferson & Julie Kline
Capital Campaigns: Frank McWilliams
Memorials/Major Gifts: John Gillespie
Nominating Committee: Emily Boswell & Jean Lauterbach

Adult Formation: Paul Williams
Buildings & Grounds Committee: Matthew Shad
Communications: Sarah Hartwig
Family Ministries: Paul Williams
Outreach Committee: Olden Warren
Pastoral Programs: Paul Williams
Resource Stewardship (Finance & Fund Raising): Quinton Jefferson & Julie Kline
Welcoming Ministries: Paul Williams
Worship & Music: Stephan Casurella
Youth Committee: Paul Williams

Episcopal Network for Economic Justice: Steve Simpkins
Gun Violence Prevention: Jack Jose & Judith Robinson
Jubilee Debt Forgiveness Program: Elizabeth Brown
Spiritual Direction: Douglas Argue, Joyce Keeshin, Liz Tassone & Troy Bronsink