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Our Congregational Life


We elect our church leaders each year at our congregational meeting held annually in late winter. Our nominating committee proposes a slate of candidates for consideration by the congregation for the open elected offices. (Links to the responsibilities of each elected office follow this paragraph.) The call for nominations for the election to be held in February of 2019 is now closed. For more information, contact Olden Warren.

Senior Warden Role Description

Junior Warden Role Description

Vestry Member Role Description

Trustee Role Description

Convention Delegate Role Description

Nominating Committee Member Role Description



Our cathedral vestry has approved some updates to the Cathedral Code of Regulations. Designed to improve the manner in which our congregation conducts elections, these changes affect the nomination and election processes so that all future annual meetings run more smoothly. (See changes to the Code of Regulations – summary below.) Our dean and wardens have determined that these changes in regulations may be approved and applied retroactively at the congregational annual meeting on February 10, 2019.

Summary of Proposed Changes to Code of Regulations of the Episcopal Society of Christ Church

  1. The revised Regulations change the election calendar so that the nominating committee presents its slate of candidates 30 days before the annual meeting, with a two week period for additional nominations, and then a final ballot being presented approximately 10 days before the annual meeting. At the time the final ballot is presented, absentee voting can begin. These changes prevent the ballot from being changed at the last minute and the elections being opened and then closed, as occurred in 2018.
  2. On a related note, the revised Regulations clarify when absentee/electronic voting can commence.
  3. The revised Regulations confirm in more detail the term limits for members of the vestry and the wardens.
  4. The updated Regulations extend the terms of elected members of the nominating committee to two years to ensure continuity. After a transitional period, the terms will be staggered.
  5. The new Regulations allow for the appointment of a non-voting youth delegate to the vestry.
  6. The revisions clean up the references to the Canons and Constitution where applicable.