Dan Carlson


Meet Dan Carlson,
Youth Director

Dan Carlson joined the cathedral staff as the director of youth ministry in August of 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati and has 15 years of experience as an educator of children and teens. He worked full-time as a teacher of history, art history, creative writing, and religious literacy at the Deer Park nonprofit Leaves of Learning, and he has created numerous programs that teach others through discussion, games, simulations, and other interactive methods.


Dan met his wife, singer-songwriter Kim Taylor, while living in an intentional Christian community in Norwood. While there, Dan and Kim both worked with neighborhood youth. It was also during this time that Dan developed a history and games after-school program in the Norwood City Schools, which was federally-funded by the 21st Century Learning Grant program.Dan is introducing some of these teaching methods into the cathedral program as a way to engage youth more fully with the Bible, with Christian history and tradition, and with acts of service to the world around them.


Dan, Kim Taylor, and their son Griffin, have been attending the cathedral since 2013.  They make their home in Loveland and have been volunteers with the Interfaith Hospitality Network.