Economics of Compassion

Inspired by the teachings and leadership of renowned theologian Walter Brueggemann, author Peter Block and economics professor Nancy Bertaux (Xavier University), hundreds of people in Cincinnati are exploring what it would mean to have a more ethical economic system. Such a system would be based on abundance, with cooperation and compassion replacing the traditional model of scarcity and competition. Known as the Economics of Compassion Initiative (ECI), the system is designed to create opportunities for the public to actively participate in alternative economic systems in which workers and owners share benefits, the community is enhanced and not harmed, and interactions are marked by justice, community and relationship. Dean Gail Greenwell awarded a $20,000 grant from the Coombe Fund to support this effort.


This effort is expected to include a series of sessions to help the public learn about alternative economic models; field work teams to develop a strength based picture of the economic landscape of particular neighborhoods (what businesses exist, where people shop and spend money, the non-monetized economy); “Economic Heroes,” a series of quarterly celebrations to promote and honor compassionate economic efforts in the city; and outreach to develop community partners and networks of groups interested in supporting sustainable, compassionate economic endeavors, including large, biennial conferences to connect the work of Cincinnati with other projects around the country.


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