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For the 2019 Boar’s Head art exhibit, Gallery South seeks photographic submissions of the little angelic faces that light up every year’s performance –– from cellphone photos taken by proud parents to those made by our congregation’s many talented photographers. Local painters in various media will then be tapped to create distinctive portraits that capture not just facial details but, more importantly, a painterly presentation of the joy of youngsters participating in the pageant. Digital files (.jpeg preferred) of potential angelic subjects of recent years are to be submitted to Mike Phillips. (The names of the child and parents must accompany the image so the proper written permissions can be obtained.) Artists interested in being considered to produce one of the images for the exhibit may submit a digital portfolio also to Mike Phillips. The Gallery South team will make all final selections.


2018-19 Exhibition Schedule

The F-Word: Stories of Forgiveness
September 6 – 30, 2018
Created in 2004 by Maria Cantacuzine as part of The Forgiveness Project, this exhibit consists of 18 large banners featuring the words of both prominent and little known individuals speaking about the power of forgiveness in their lives and in their nations. The Forgiveness Project is dedicated to working worldwide to gather and tell stories of transformative forgiveness.


Holocaust By Bullets: Yahad-In Unum, 10 Years of Investigation
October 9 – November 28, 2018

The exhibit of freestanding modules springs from work led by Fr. Patrick Desbois, whose team has devoted many years to identify sites of mass killings by traveling Nazi execution squads that accounted for some 1.5 million deaths of Jews, Romas (gypsies), and others outside the concentration camps.


Boar’s Head
December 6, 2018 – January 7, 2019
This annual show features works from the cathedral’s permanent Boar’s Head collection, including work by Barry Carlin, as well as new work by photographer Constance Sanders and others.


Faces of Addiction
January 16 – March 14, 2019
This exhibit features 50 black and white portraits (20” x 16” ) of local opioid addicts by photographer Eric Hatch. The portraits consist of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Each includes a 200 to 400-word biography of the subject. Read what Movers & Makers reports on the exhibit!


Soul’s Journey Lenten Exhibit
March 17 – April 16, 2019
This Stations of the Cross installation was created in partnership with the publisher Forward Movement. It is based on the work of California artist Kathrin Burleson and was enhanced by the beautiful typography of the late Michael Phillips, a Forward Movement staff member. Gallery South converted images of Burleson’s small originals into larger giclee reproductions and framed them along with the lavish narratives that accompany each piece. The gallery has displayed the work every other year since 2015. A beautifully printed book of Soul’s Journey is available from Forward Movement.


Art of Wonder II
April 25 – May 23, 2019
This exhibit features 26 artists* whose work captures those moments when wonder and awe drive away daily cares, when life as we know it collides with the beauty, power, and mystery of the Universe. The exhibit is an invitational show, meaning that all participants are among an elite list of Greater Cincinnati artists who were invited to enter one or two pieces. Along with works in more familiar media, two painters will be exhibiting pieces done in the technically demanding encaustic medium – works demonstrating the medium’s ability to leap off the canvas in exuberant color. Two sculptors also will display intricate wall-hung pieces. Prizes are being awarded to the best in this juried show, as judged by Ann Glasscock, Ph.D., assistant curator of the Taft Museum of Art.


Opening reception: Thursday, April 25, 2019, 5:30 – 7:30 am.


* Featured artists include: Susan Brabenec, Jan Boone, Clair Breetz, Ken Landon Buck, Kim Flora, Rita Geiger, Denise Guiducci, Joanne Honschopp, Ray Hassard, Lauren Jordan, Marilee Klostermann, Sally Kamholtz, Wes Mallory, Carlos Navarro, Holly Pleiman, Irene Pickett, Carol Shikany, Marlene Steele, Constance Sanders, Kea Thompson, Kathy Todd, Kim Vanlandingham, Kay Worz, Lori Wendling, Trish Weeks, Mark Wiesner, Jan Wiesner.




In the spring of 2014, a small band of cathedral members took on the task of improving the south hall of the cathedral facility to serve as a primary exhibition space. They then established a regular schedule of art shows, and Gallery South was born. Since then, Gallery South has featured exhibits covering a wide range of subjects and media. More than 100 local artists have participated – including several with strong national reputations. The opening reception for each show regularly brings in scores of visitors. Gallery South firmly establishes the cathedral as a valued and unique presence in the region’s fine arts scene. Since its mission is to create shows that are a gift to the community, there never are any application fees nor are commissions takes on any sales. For more information, contact Mike Phillips.