Musical Instruments at the Cathedral

Our musical instruments contribute to the cathedral’s ability to offer the finest in music for worship services, recitals and concerts. They also are resources for members of the Greater Cincinnati community to make music in the resonant space of the cathedral nave or in the more intimate setting of Centennial Chapel.




The cathedral has commissioned Richard Fowkes & Co. Pipe Organ Builders to build a new nave organ to replace the ailing Holtkamp. The instrument will be installed late 2019.


Centennial Chapel Organ, II/22 (Opus 148)
The cathedral commissioned C. B. Fisk, Inc., to build a new organ for Centennial Chapel. The organ was dedicated in October of 2018 with an inaugural festival.  Learn more about Opus 148 here.


Continuo Organ, I/4
Juget-Sinclair Organbuilders, 2012 (Opus 40)
Purchase of this instrument was made possible by a generous grant from H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation. See




William Dowd, Boston, 1983.
Rebuilt by Glenn Giuttari, 2011.

Modeled after the eighteenth-century Parisian builder Etienne Blanchet, this double-manual harpsichord has two 8-foot choirs and one 4-foot choir. Range FF-f”’; transposing A415/A440. The instrument is excellent both for continuo playing and for solo repertoire.




Nave: Baldwin grand piano, rebuilt 2008.
Centennial Chapel: Steinway grand piano, rebuilt 2008.
Choir Room: Baldwin grand piano.
Undercroft: Petrof upright piano.




One diatonic octave of Whitechapel handbells for liturgical use.


Tower Bells


For reasons lost to history, bells were not installed when the tower of Christ Church Cathedral was built. For almost a century, the tower was a beautiful, albeit silent, addition to the city skyline. That changed in 2003, when thanks to the leadership of Janet Hauck, the congregation raised funds to install a cast bell chime.


A cast bell chime is a musical instrument consisting of nine to twenty-nine bells. The chime at the cathedral is fourteen bells, the most popular range, which includes an octave and a fifth in a diatonic scale. The chime ranges from the bell note C down to the bell note F. The bells weigh from 116 pounds (C) to 1,990 pounds (F).


The Verdin Company, the world’s largest supplier of bells, carillons, and clocks, cast the bells. The Cincinnati company has provided bells to over 30,000 churches, including 100 cathedrals since 1842.


We are pleased to share the music of the bells with our city, not only to mark the passing of the hours, but also to celebrate happy occasions, to commemorate holidays and to mourn deaths.