Janna Uber McWilliams

Endowment Fund Trustee

Janna Uber McWilliams

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Professional Experience

  • Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch
  • Financial Consultant, HD Vest Financial Services
  • Board Member, various nonprofits
  • Founder, jewelry business
  • Founder, American Red Cross 911 fundraiser


Cathedral Ministry Involvement

  • Altar Guild
  • Membership Committee
  • Native American Ministries Council
  • Finance Committee
  • Plumb Line Ministry


Cathedral Leadership Roles

  • Corresponding Secretary, Altar Guild
  • Chair, Finance Committee
  • Co-Chair, Membership Committee
  • Member, Vestry
  • Trustee, Endowment Fund


Janna Uber McWilliams

Janna Uber McWilliams

Endowment Fund Trustee
Cathedral member since 1957


The endowment enables the cathedral to serve the community and the congregation. I want to continue to help facilitate the endowment‘s growth so the cathedral can continue to help improve our city.

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