Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

St. Theresa

by Alicia D. Clark


Saint of pain and ecstasy,

Can you be dragged to the West Side to minister?

Into the sick room to comfort?

I don’t want some pale water of a saint to pray to, but ––

One to scrub floors with –– rage against ––

Cry all my tears and laugh on the hour.

I need a saint to throw light, not niceties.

To walk with me on my twelve hour shifts guiding

          a blind woman to the bathroom and back,

Cradle me in the early morning as I drink

         one more coffee to get my system running,

Travel with me to the multi universe of my books.

Walk with me through the church year.

But ––

I think you were that all along.

Practical, wiley, a blend of the everyday,

and the Divine.

Alicia Clark

St. Theresa

Poetry by Alicia D. Clark


Artist Statement

“I am an observer who uses her poetry to comment on aspects of faith, everyday life, and how the two can join.”


About the Artist

Alicia D. Clark is a graduate of Ithaca College in New York and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.


A member of Christ Church Cathedral since 2001, Alicia serves as a member of the Christ Church Cathedral Flower Guild.