Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

Michael Dillingham

Acrylic on Canvas (24″ x 10”) by Michael Dillingham


Artist Statement

“I like to make art –– it is fun for me. When I graduated from high school, I tried different job programs, but nothing fit. I told my parents I wanted to create art. When someone buys a piece of my art, it makes me feel good. I think about where they will hang it. I want people to look at it and feel happy.”


About the Artist

Michael Dillingham learned to paint at age 14 while attending a United Cerebral program. He studied ceramics at Gamble Montessori High School and painting at the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center. He expanded into working with fabrics and joined the Northside neighborhood studio Visionaries and Voices. Today, Michael has his own studio space at the Pendleton Art Center on the sixth floor in studio 603B.


Michael likes to paint the Cincinnati parks and trails where he rides his bike. He likes to paint the ocean, and the gardens he has worked in. Sometimes he paints characters from his favorite television shows, such as Sesame Street: Old School. He often listens to music when he paints.


Many people ask if his art is all completed his own hand. Yes, every brush stroke is his own. Every part of the creative process is his own.


Michael’s goal is to support himself with his art.


He has been a member of Christ Church Cathedral member since 2012.