Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

John Grate

Honor the Great Spirit

Stone Sculpture by John H. Grate


Artist Statement

“Honor the Great Spirit reflects my passion for Native American culture and the spirituality that is reflected in the art, music, and craft of these indigenous peoples. The work was crafted from a badly weathered chunk of alabaster that I obtained from a Chippewa woman in northern Wisconsin.”


About the Artist

John H. Grate is a retired educator who revived a life long interest in art through courses at the Cincinnati Art Academy. One of these courses was stone carving taught by Walter Driesbach. John studied with him for over ten years and works mainly in stone, wood, and some clay.


John serves as artist-in-residence for the Camping and Education Foundation at Camp Kooch-i-ching in International Falls, Minnesota. He works with intermediate and senior campers in the carving of totem poles and painting of symbols in the tradition of the Native American cultures.


As chair of the Native American Ministry Council of Christ Church Cathedral, John works within The Episcopal Church to promote social justice initiatives in support of the Church’s Indigenous Mission, the Bishop’s Native Collaborative, and the Economic Development Corporation of the Episcopal Church in Navajoland.


John has been a member of Christ Church Cathedral since 1981.