Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

Gail Greenwell

Street Scene in Antibes

Oil on Canvas (20” x 24”) by Gail Greenwell


Artist Statement

“Painting is a time of spiritual healing and renewal for me. I feel as if I am in prayer while I paint with all the struggle, joy, and repair that prayer can bring. I believe painting has changed my preaching and my ability to imagine new possibilities –– and I feel incredibly blessed to have this creative expression in my life.”


About the Artist

Gail Greenwell began taking art class in oil and acrylic painting in 2012.


An Episcopal priest for over 16 years, she has been dean of Christ Church Cathedral since 2013.


Gail grew up in Portland, Oregon, and has also made a home in California and Kansas, as well as her home state. She now lives in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, Jim. They have two married daughters who reside in New York City.