Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

Lisa Shapleigh Koepke

Liturgy Reflections

Digital Media Video Loop by Lisa Shapleigh Koepke


Artist Statement

Liturgy Reflections is comprised of a triptych with an animated graphic loop cycling through a series of images and colors in response to my musings on the liturgical year of The Episcopal Church. The church’s daily office provides a strong framework of prayer and celebration. As I enter into that structured environment, I permit myself a freedom of thought and peacefulness as reflected in this work.”


The movie loop playing on the tryptic screen is created with the programming language Processing. Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. It was developed in 2001 by Casey Reas, Ben Fry, and Daniel Shiffman at the MIT Media Lab. It is open-source and well documented with its own IDE and builds on the Java language with a simplified syntax and graphical user interface. Some code for this work references contributions by Indae Hwang.



About the Artist

Lisa Shapleigh Koepke became an active member of the Christ Church community in 1979. The rector then, the Rev. Edward Simms, asked her to become the first female lay Eucharistic minister to serve at the 8:00 a.m. service. She has contributed to the aesthetics at Christ Church Cathedral since the 1983 renovation when she was project manager with William Schickel. Since then she has designed liturgical furnishings for the main worship space, the Centennial Chapel, and the Anchor Society memorial. She is a long time supporter and participant in the fine arts programming at the cathedral. In 2013, she led the Diocese of Southern Ohio’s brand development culminating with the brand mark used today.


Lisa credits a family filled with artists and designers for keeping her aesthetic awareness keen and active. She received her BFA from Michigan State University with High Honors and attended Xavier University’s MBA program. Her passion for learning led to further studies at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the Baker Hunt Foundation, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Lakeside summer program, and with Michael Scott in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lisa is a member of the Cincinnati Art Club and the Berrien Artist Guild.


Lisa first started experimenting with creative coding in 1978 while studying graphic design at Michigan State University, using the programming language Fortran. She pursues traditional and digital media arts from her home studio, located in Mariemont, Ohio.