Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

Dan Shirley

Come, follow me …”

Stained Glass (24” x 50”) by Dan Shirley


Artist’s Statement

“’Come, follow me…’ is comprised of over 215 individually cut and soldered glass pieces. The abstract cross represents how when our lives may seem broken, we can find peace within the community of Christ Church Cathedral. The colors of the piece are wood grain brown for the cross; cathedral purple; red, representing Christ’s blood that was shed for all; and blue for heaven and the promise of eternal life.”


About the Artist

Dan Shirley has been an avid art collector for over 30 years. Stained glass is a hobby he now shares with his spouse, Dan Lakamp.


Dan is chief of anesthesia and medical director at Margaret Mary Hospital in Batesville, Indiana.


Dan has been a member of Christ Church Cathedral since 2014.