Of Note

Christ Church Cathedral

David Thomson

Church Goods Store – Ludington, Michigan

Photograph by David Thomson


Artist’s Statement

“From an early age, I have been interested in the arts as an essential component of existence. I have seriously pursued the artistic aspect of photography since my mid 20s. Photography combines the real and artistic worlds. It gives the artist an ability to see the whole and the minute of much of creation; to see the relationships and interdependence of our world and beyond.


About the Artist

David Thomson is an associate professor at Northern Kentucky University in the College of Informatics in the Communication Department. His emphasis is in electronic media and broadcasting in the areas of media analysis and criticism, media history, international media, and announcing performance.


In his photographs, he tries to achieve at least one of two responses. He wants the viewer is so intrigued by what is presented that there is a need to visually and or emotionally explore further and perhaps enter into the scene or situation depicted. In other images, he hopes to elicit an emotional response; to induce in the viewer a reactive feeling to the image presented.


“Often a photograph asks a question,” says David. “It is a precise way of seeing.”


David has been a member of Christ Church Cathedral for over 40 years.