Liz Tassone


Meet Ms. Liz Tassone
Spiritual Director
with the Cathedral Center for Spirituality

Liz Tassone is a spiritual director and retreat leader in Cincinnati. She trained at the Sycamore Spirituality Center, which teaches an interfaith and contemplative form of spiritual direction. She has been part of a teaching team at the Sycamore Spirituality Center, and she mentors students in this practice.


Ms. Tassone received her Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and gerontology from Ohio’s Miami University, and has worked with older adults for more than four decades. In addition, she also produced and hosted the Family Caregiver Hour, a local radio program, for eight years.


Ms. Tassone volunteers at the Wesley Chapel Mission Center and at Saint Francis Seraph School, where she enjoys working with the children––both the center and the school are in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. In addition, she also teaches mindfulness and compassion to adult students who are being trained by Mercy Neighborhood Ministries to work as home health aides.


Ms. Tassone delights in seeing the Divine in everyday life.