Michael Henrickson

Candidate for Senior Warden

Michael Henrickson

I bring calm, compassion, attention to detail, discipline and work horse-type dedication to this role. The Senior Warden is the Dean’s warden, called to implement her vision for the cathedral. This is a strong, uncomplicated fit for me, as I have a mutually supportive relationship with Dean Gail Greenwell. She knows well my great respect for others, my humble attitude, my strong ethic of service and my servant’s heart. I have a lifelong experience in the Episcopal Church, serving in many capacities at the cathedral to understand its processes and to serve our community. Spirituality and faith are deeply relevant to me; they govern my daily life.

I love the Church and have great hopes for our future. I also have the courage to tackle the problems facing us. Let me illustrate recent examples. I work the hardest at our margins, where we strive to provide solace to seekers, including those who have nearly lost hope for assembling in faith. Dedicating myself since the inception of our Noon Service mission, I am contributing to Christ’s Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Growth of our congregation is a major focus of my efforts as a leader. My guidance for the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force led to the current public health approach its working group uses to make real changes in Cincinnati. I have been directing our vestry to a rededicated, spiritual focus during our monthly gatherings. These are all incremental efforts to build a cathedral. I may not see the finished project, but I am adding to its beauty and spiritual foundation.

I have been a cathedral member since 2010.

Cathedral & Diocesan Involvement
• Senior Warden (2019)
• Member, Vestry (2013-2019)
• Chair, Finance/Resource Stewardship Committee (2011-2015)
• Member, Vestry Task Force for Mission-Based Budgeting (2014)
• Member, Dean’s Search Committee (2012-2013)
• Member, Outreach Committee: Gun Violence Prevention Task Force/Working Group (since 2017)
• Member, Noon Service Leadership Team (since 2018)
• Participant, Youth service missions (5), Appalachia and Honduras (2010-2013)
• Chair (2014) and Member (2016), Spiritual discernment committees

Professional Experience
• Pediatric rheumatologist
• Public health professional
• U.S. Army combat veteran (Iraq)

Building on Beloved Community, I hope we fulfill our role as a place of healing and sanctuary. The Noon Service is deeply engaged in helping those wounded by the unwise judgment and rhetoric of many Christian traditions. We will be a vibrant, supportive home for a growing population of our displaced brothers and sisters who need nurturing to challenge hurtful messages made under the guise of Christianity. We will stand strong against reprehensible social policies such as intolerance of the immigrant and institutionalizing slavery through mass incarceration, continuing support of LGBTQ civil rights, and wrestling with white privilege. The old order of things will pass away.