Of Note

Native American Ministry Council

2018 Navajoland Mission Experience

On July 14 – 21, our Native American Ministry Council will be sponsoring a Navajoland mission experience at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Coalmine New Mexico. Those participating in the mission will work with Navajo church leaders in offering a Vacation Bible School and completing a building project –– painting the exterior of the St. Mark’s. The deadline for application to participate in this mission work is now past. If you would like more information, please contact John Grate

About the Native American Ministry

The ministries of Christ Church Cathedral have long included service to Native Americans. This was due in part to the bequest of Nina F. Lansley, which established the cathedral’s Lansley Native American Endowment and Mission Fund in the early 1980s. But it can also be said that this ministry is rooted in deep respect and love that so many cathedral members have for their Native American brothers and sisters. In 2010, a Native American working group defined its mission and our vestry chartered a new Native American Ministries Council.


The ministry uses the following three goals to guide its work:

  1. Provide hands-on outreach by witnessing for and building awareness of the contemporary needs, values and traditions of Native American cultures in the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Contribute to education and theological development of leadership within Native American communities.
  3. Support initiatives to empower Native American societies and ministries related to life needs, cultural sustainability and spiritual growth within Native American values.