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Navajoland 2018

The Native American Ministry Council seeks applications from persons interested in being a part of the shared experience in Navajoland in July 2018.

Description of the Mission to Navajoland: One week-long session at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Coalmine, New Mexico, from July 14 through July 21. A group of 6-9 persons is planned. We will be working with Navajo church leaders in offering a Vacation Bible School (VBS) and completing a building  project – painting the exterior of the St. Mark’s church building.


If you prefer a paper copy, please click here to download the application.



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Ft. Defiance is at an altitude of approximately 6,000 feet. Cincinnati is at about 551 feet elevation. Work will encompass moderate exertion - do you have any physical concerns? (required)


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