Next Century Vision

Our Future in the Way of Love



Our “Next Century Visioning” process had begun! The steering team for this initiative was seated in April. Since then, the team has identified objectives and milestones that will help to inform the process for imagining the cathedral’s next century.


The committee scheduled a series of  “listening sessions” to offer a space where our whole community (both inside and outside of our cathedral walls) can gather and share its hopes and dreams for what the cathedral’s future might look like. (See below.)


Is there a program you deeply love and would like to see supported in the future? Is there a segment of our population that you feel is underserved? Are there ways you feel that Christ Church Cathedral can continue to serve as a resource in the city of Cincinnati and beyond?


Bottom line is: We seek to learn what those who live in our city and who are part of our diocese yearn for and aspire to, then pray about ways to go forward, and make our plans for the next decade.


Once the fall sessions have concluded, the steering team will distill the information they receive during the listening process and draft a set of priorities and goals for the cathedral’s next decade that they will ask for feedback on. Afterwards, the steering team will edit the resulting priorities and goals for Christ Church Cathedral’s next decade based on feedback received, and offer the final product to the vestry.


If you have questions regarding the upcoming sessions, please email co-chair Tom Kent, or co-chair Dianne Ebbs.

We would love the opportunity to interact with you in person, but if the timing does not allow, or if you would prefer to give your feedback on our Next Century Vision online, simply click here!


Upcoming Listening Sessions for Cathedral Members

All listening sessions scheduled for the cathedral community are now complete. If you did not have an opportunity to participate in one, we still want to hear from you.  Simply click here!


Upcoming Listening Sessions for Community Groups



Upcoming Listening Sessions at Diocesan Churches