Plumb Line Ministry

Founded in 1988, our Plumb Line ministry today is one of our congregation’s primary ministries. It is administered by volunteers and funded by the cathedral’s Mission Endowment Fund and the Outreach Committee. Volunteers work out of a cathedral office to help people who are facing eviction from their homes or who are in need of a gift from our food pantry. Fifteen social service agencies refer people to the Plumb Line. We serve more than 300 people a year and commit over $100,000 annually to the work of this ministry.


The name of the ministry comes from Scripture. Just as God used a plumb line to the help the Hebrews live righteous lives, the Plumb Line volunteers strive to “straighten the walls” within Cincinnati by giving rental assistance to those at risk of being evicted.


For more information, call 513.842.2062.