Ro Andrew Morsby

Candidate for Diocesan Convention Delegate

Ro Andrew Morsby

As a first-generation immigrant, “ex-vangelical,” and trans person of color (my pronouns are he/him/his), I offer an outsider’s perspective to the Episcopal Church. I believe that I am positioned to listen deeply while also speaking on behalf of many others like myself who otherwise would not have a voice. My fastidious attention to detail and organization, ability to remain calm under pressure, and my thoughtful decision making, have all allowed me to serve in various leadership roles throughout my life.


I previously served on the noon service leadership team and volunteered with both the 5000 Club and the Navajoland pilgrimage. I am currently the cathedral’s kitchen coordinator and was selected to serve on the Next Century Vision team. I also serve as usher and thurifer.

Outside of the cathedral, I have been a member of the Young Professionals Choral Collective, volunteered with chaplains of Good Samaritan and Bethesda North hospitals, and most recently was selected to participate in Summit Country Day’s “Be My Voice, Hear My Story” project. I have also attended various workshops throughout the years with issues concerning poverty and food insecurity, homelessness, interfaith dialogue, and restorative justice. I am currently pursuing my own endeavors in the private dining experience.


The cathedral has been a place of deep healing for me and has offered a wealth of resources that has forever changed the trajectory of my life. I envision the cathedral as a safe space for disenfranchised Christians, non-believers, millennials, queer and trans folks, and those experiencing homelessness and poverty. I hope that the cathedral will continue to hold on to its rich tradition of prayer and worship, while also seeking out new and innovative approaches to spirituality. I see the cathedral as a center of holy experimentation, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be radically inclusive. I also think it would be really cool if we reopened the coffee shop.