Spiritual Direction

Cathedral Center for Spirituality

Spiritual direction is provided by the Rev. Troy Broysink, Deacon Douglas Argue, the Rev. Joyce Keeshin, and spiritual director Liz Tassone, with support from cathedral clergy. Spiritual direction is provided on both an individual basis and in group settings to promote spiritual wholeness through contemplation and practice.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Stressed GuyThe primary purpose of spiritual direction is

–> to help persons become more aware of God’s presence in their daily lives;

–> to strengthen intimate relationships with God;

–> to help others begin to see God’s action in the here and now; and

–> to help them see how their lives can freely be a response to that initiative and the mystery of God’s unconditional love.

A large part of spiritual direction involves accompanying individuals on the spiritual journey.

Spiritual direction can be helpful for anyone experiencing a significant transition or loss, feeling “stuck” in their current prayer life, or simply seeking to deepen their existing relationship with God.

For more information, please contact one of the spiritual directors listed above.