About – The Vestry

Christ Church Cathedral’s current vestry membership is listed below. The vestry meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the vestry room. The meetings are open to all members. Members who wish to have an item submitted for the agenda need to submit the item to the dean’s office no later than the Wednesday prior to the meeting.


Senior Warden: Don Lane
Junior Warden & Treasurer: Julie Kline
Secretary: Mary Grover
Members: Emily Boswell, Elizabeth Brown, John Grate, Clark Handy, Michael Henrickson, Eric Kearney, Jean Lauterbach, Lisa Lemen, Kathy Mank, Frank McWilliams, Karen Taylor, Tonya Warren


Vestry Minutes
Amended and Restated Rules of the Vestry
Standing Committees
2018 Annual Meeting Report
Vestry Response to Confederate Memorials: September 14, 2017
Update on Confederate Memorials: February 15, 2018