Our Mission

Christ Church Cathedral is focused on ending the tragedy of gun violence in America. We begin with the belief that people of faith can make a difference by uniting with people from different backgrounds and various political persuasions. We believe we can share a common mission to make our homes, our neighborhoods, and our children safer.


Christ Church will strategically focus our funds, our prayers, and our education efforts to shine a light on the heartbreaking consequences of gun violence, and bring to an end the proliferation of guns in our community.  We’re committed to ending the silence that kills!


We invite people of faith and people of goodwill to join us!


Below are just some of the initiatives that are currently in the works. We invite you to watch this site for ways that you can learn and be involved.

  •  Gun Buy Back Programs: These programs are instituted to purchase privately owned firearms. Compensation is usually paid in the form of cash or gift cards. The goal, when purchasing is done by the police, is to reduce the number of firearms owned by civilians, and provide a process whereby civilians can sell their privately owned firearms to the government without risk of prosecution. Christ Church Cathedral will be partnering with outside organizations that manage these programs and will lend resources to this effort.
  • Funeral Services: Under the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program, not all victims of gun violence are eligible to receive compensation towards funeral costs. Christ Church Cathedral will look to extend its sanctuary space and perform funerals for those who have been victims of gun violence.


“Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.”  Psalm 34:14

We Remember Those Killed by Gun Violence in Cincinnati since January of 2019

187. Ashley Montgomery, 31
188. Clifford Smith, 39
189. Joseph Brooks, 43
190. James Douglas, 48
191. Donte Ford, 31
192. Quimontre Dixon, 23
193. Darian Woods, 26
194. Melvin Dean, 16
195. Ladon Williams, 36
196. Mark Williams Jr., 27
197. Brandon Miller, 29
198. David Lynn Jr, 25
199. Taher Taher, 32
200. Paris Crossty, 28
201. Rickey Lackey, 37
202. Brandon Phoenix, 19
203. Gannon Hillman, 25
204. Shawn Hope, 39
205. Ramerise Abernathy, 18
206. Rashann T. Hose, 20
207. Jerome Young, 37
208. Travis Clark, 30
209. Anthony Hinton, 14
210. Bryan Messer, 18
211. Cameron Franklin, 14
212. Michael Douthit, 29
213. Quinton Young, 31
214. Benayah Yisrael, 22
215. Karl King Jr., 32
216. Charles Leonard, 34
217. Ricky Jackson, 24
218. Kimberly Lorman, 35
219. Neko Larkin, 21
220. Eric Shields, 16
221. James Hazel, 19
222. Ralph Whitehead, 50
223. Kacey Jones, 28
224. Kesean Banks, 15
225. Darius Gibson, 21
226. Shauna Gardner, 36
227. Dante Harrington, 17
228. Jovan Fleming, 27
229. Robert Thomas, 37





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