Words are valuable, but we thought it might be more fun and impactful to let the ministry leaders tell you a bit about what it is that they do, so you can envision how your dollars make a difference.

Check out the videos below to see where your funds will be put to use serving our neighbors and our community!

Outreach Grants

The Cathedral supports organizations that help those who cannot help themselves, and organizations that walk with Christ Church Cathedral in promoting reconciliation, social justice, and advocacy. Grant dollars are awarded to organizations that house, feed, and clothe the poor. However, the cathedral also believes in addressing the causes of poverty and routinely awards grant funds to groups that foster mentoring and educational programs to break the cycle of poverty. For more information: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/outreach-grants/

The 5000 Club

Our 5000 Club food ministry began in the spring of 2006 as an effort to provide the hospitality of a weekly evening meal to those who in live in our neighborhood, including those without a home to call their own. The program quickly grew to where we are serving close to 200 meals a week, thanks to a strong corps of volunteers. They range from members of our cathedral and other area churches to individuals who simply want to help. Join the effort. Volunteers are always needed, particularly cooks. For more info: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/ccc/outreach/

Fresh Expressions

The Noon Service is an Episcopal community of Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati, Ohio. The liturgy is rooted in the beauty and simplicity of the Episcopal tradition. This hour-long worship gathering combines prayer, silence, music, scripture, and discussion. We sing ancient hymn texts set to evocative, timeless music prepared and led by local songwriters; we reflect on and discuss holy scripture; we pray for the needs of the world; and we share a simple Eucharistic feast using wine and home baked bread. People who have participated in worship have commented on the welcome, the sense of intimacy and community, the richness of conversation, and the sense of reverence and playfulness. People have found their faith strengthened for the journey and a new understanding for what it means to be a Christian. Come. Bring yourself, just as you are. Experience God’s presence and grace. The Noon Service gathers in the Centennial Chapel at noon on Sundays. For more info: https://www.thenoonservice.com/

Plumb Line Ministry

Founded in 1988, our Plumb Line ministry today is one of our congregation’s primary ministries. It is administered by volunteers and funded by the cathedral’s Mission Endowment Fund and the Outreach Committee. Volunteers work out of a cathedral office to help people who are facing eviction from their homes or who are in need of a gift from our food pantry. Fifteen social service agencies refer people to the Plumb Line. We serve more than 300 people a year and commit over $100,000 annually to the work of this ministry. For more information, call 513-842-2062 or go to: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/ccc/outreach/

Music Ministry

Christ Church Cathedral has a long and distinguished history of excellence in music. Continuing this tradition of excellence requires committed volunteers who are musicians. Every great music program, however, is supported by a host of volunteers who love music but serve in ways other than making music themselves. Below are some of the ways to be involved in and support music at the Cathedral.
• Audition for a position in the Cathedral Choir
• Help with filing and maintaining the choral library
• Join the Boys and Girls Choir (grades 2-6, or ages 7-11)
• Assist with Boys and Girls Choir (teach, provide snacks, etc.)
• Serve on a greeter/usher roster for Music Live at Lunch performances
• Cook meals for Music Live at Lunch on a rotating schedule
• Serve on a greeter/usher roster for monthly Evensong services and other special choral offerings
• Provide food/drinks or help serve at receptions following monthly Evensong
• Serve on a greeter/usher roster for monthly organ recitals
• Coordinate greeters/ushers for music events
• Help with a particular aspect of music program publicity (print and/or electronic media)
• Coordinate music publicity volunteers
For more info: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/ccc/music/

The Native American Ministry

The Native American Ministry Council of Christ Church Cathedral has been active since 1984, as the result of a bequest from Nina F. Lansley. The Council provides hands-on outreach by witnessing for, and building awareness of, the contemporary needs, values, and traditions of Native American cultures in the US and Canada; contributes to the education and theological development of leadership within Native American communities; supports initiatives to empower Native American societies and ministries related to life needs, cultural sustainability, and spiritual growth within Native American values. For more information, go to: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/native-american/

The Community Issues Forum

The Community Issues Forum coordinates important discussions surrounding issues confronting the Greater Cincinnati community. Forums are held September through May, generally held twice a month on Thursdays at noon (now virtually). For more information, go to: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/community-issues-forum/

Flower Guild

The beautiful floral arrangements at Christ Church Cathedral are a ministry of the Flower Guild. Each week the guild prepares several arrangements for the worship spaces and for placement in selected public areas of the building. For more information: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/flower-guild/

Affordable Housing

In 2014, Cincinnati Union Bethel and The Model Group invited Christ Church Cathedral to join them in a partnership to develop and operate Cincinnati Scholar House (CSH), an affordable housing community that is modeled on a Kentucky program with a 20-year track record of success. As the property owners, Cincinnati Union Bethel and The Model Group have a general partnership, with The Model Group providing property management and Cincinnati Union Bethel managing the programming, including the early care and education center. The general partnership is also providing substantial operating guarantees for the property and programming, with the cathedral working with Cincinnati Union Bethel to raise supplemental funds for the operations. Additionally, the cathedral and Cincinnati Union Bethel are forming an advisory board, Friends of Cincinnati Scholar House, to provide oversight of the programming side of CSH and is planning to collaborate in developing a pool of volunteers to enhance the support activities.

For more information on the Scholar House, click here: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/scholar-house/

Gun Violence Prevention 

Christ Church Cathedral is focused on ending the tragedy of gun violence in America. We begin with the belief that people of faith can make a difference by uniting with people from different backgrounds and various political persuasions. We believe we can share a common mission to make our homes, our neighborhoods, and our children safer. Christ Church strategically focuses our funds, our prayers, and our education efforts to shine a light on the heartbreaking consequences of gun violence and bring to an end the proliferation of guns in our community. For more info: https://cincinnaticathedral.com/we-remember/

Though the above ministries are existing programs of Christ Church Cathedral,funds raised through the Annual Appeal efforts can go to new and exciting programs you may be passionate about! The Episcopal Church has a list of resolutions they have made overthe years on a broad range of social issues and maybe one of them might be a new opportunity for our community! Take a look at The Episcopal Church’s “Acts of Convention” here: www.episcopalarchives.org/cgi-bin/acts/acts_search.pl