Windy Land

Artist Statement
“The piece highlights the value of shell and house as one of the greatest powers of integration for thoughts, memories and dreams. The piece addresses home beyond a building that is dissolved and distributed inside of the human mind and become a symbol of self. The windy and weightless structure is open to the wind of another time, and could greet us every day of our lives, giving us confidence in life. All could be included as a refugee in different layer.” Sharareh Khosravani


About the Artist
Sharareh Khosravani is an Iranian multimedia artist based in Cincinnati. Her work has gained international recognition in exhibitions and publications, and has been shown in Iran, Serbia, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Slovakia, Korea, UAE, Canada, and in the U.S. She received her MFA from University of Cincinnati.


Her works have received a runner-up medal in 14th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations, the Golden Pen Award in 7th International Biennial of Illustration, and the 42nd Golden Pen of Belgrade, as well as national prizes in Iran.


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Windy Land

Christ Church Cathedral has once again partnered with ArtWorks to use art as a means to start conversations on important social issues. The latest installation, on display through 2020, highlights the various forms of housing insecurity in the region and beyond.


The piece, entitled “Windy Land”, was created by Cincinnati-based award-winning artist Sharareh Khosravani and is on display on the church’s façade facing Fourth Street.


The installation depicts people of varying nationalities and ages carrying fragile, paper-like homes above their heads. This display kicks off a year of activations that will showcase local resources designed to help those struggling with housing insecurity.


“The mission of public art is always to stimulate a conversation and encourage the individual to give thought to the meaning of the image,” says Dean Gail Greenwell. “Through this mural and our ongoing outreach efforts, we are happy to facilitate this important conversation about ways we can support our neighbors in need.”


During this campaign, Cincinnatians are encouraged to learn more and share what home means to them.